TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox

Application design and main development:
Marjorie Burghart, MA, MSc, PhD
CNRS Research Fellow - CIHAM UMR 5648

The stylesheets from TEI BoilerPlate have been used as a basis for TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox. All the code related to the processing and display of critical editions is original and particular to the TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox.

The logo was designed by Karyn Mercier, CNRS - CIHAM UMR 5648 (Dec. 2016). The use of the TEI logo inside of the TEI CAT logo has been kindly approved by the TEI Board of Directors.
The logo was designed with the "TEI CAT" acronym in mind, which brought to our minds the japanese "lucky cat" symbol (Maneki Neko). Like a Maneki Neko, the TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox is meant to beckon editors to the TEI, and to bring them good luck by unburdening them of a lot of trouble. We also liked the idea of using a symbol coming from a different culture from our French environment, a sign of the TEI and the Toolbox being open to all cultures.

TEI Zoner, used to generate the TEI code for zones on an image, was written by Dr. Chris Sparks, Queen Mary University London, for a DEMM Digital Editing TEI training week. The TEI Zoner source code is source code is available to fork on GitHub, under the MIT licence. For comments and suggestions on the TEI Zoner, please contact @sparkyc84.

In June 2015 and June 2016, during the DEMM Hackathons in London, several students in computer science brought lots of ideas and greatly contributed to move forward the scope and code of the Toolbox: