TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox

This page offers a graphical user interface for the customisation of an XSLT transformation from TEI XML to LateX (reledmac) and PDF. Although we tried to offer as generic a transformation as possible, further customisation might be necessary for your own flavour of encoding. You have the possibility of performing such advanced customisation at the bottom of this form, provided you know XSLT and LateX.

If you want to test this transformation, please download this dummy edition file that illustrates the possibilities of this tool, and offers an example of encoding.

Page layout, font size, etc.


Quotations style (tei:quote)

Running titles

Page numbering

Line numbering

Document title and list of witnesses

Apparatus notes options

Displaying the tei:head elements

Folio number in maginal notes (optional)

Index of people and place names

Advanced customisation